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The Best Overseas Destinations For A Post-Election Move


The Downside To Our Opportunity-Chasing Approach

A recent study revealed that 28% of Americans say they’ll move to Canada if a certain famous presidential candidate gets elected…No offense to our beautiful and seemingly well-run neighbor to the north…But that study leads me to believe that 28% of Americans are either off their rockers… or haven’t thought this through.Imagine waking up next January somewhere in Canada…Trust me… the brilliance of the new-fallen snow will disappear the instant your car won’t start because the engine’s a frozen block of ice.

Snow sure can look romantic… until you have to deal with it on a daily basis.

I do agree with those 28% of Americans on one thing, though…No matter who wins the election, America’s in for a bumpy ride.The truth is, whether you’re thinking you might want to get out of the States sooner rather than later… or you just like the idea of exploring the opportunities and adventures that other countries have to offer…

You have far, far more enjoyable, more affordable, and better weather options than our frosty neighbor to the north.In fact, it may seem you have too many options.

That is, how are you to choose?

Our mission is to introduce you to all of your best choices for living, retiring, and reinventing your life overseas.