Tools To Build Your Online Retirement Business


What You Need To Know About Brand Positioning

This video focuses on the concept of brand positioning and why you need to create your own for your business. Apart from providing a definition, this video gives the elements and provides an easy to follow guide to creating your own brand position statement that’s unique and applicable to your business.

Step By Step Guide To Create Your First Facebook Ad

This video provides a step-by-step instructional guide to creating your first Facebook ad. It starts from creating a business page, picking a logo and image that people will identify with the business and the steps for publishing an ad. These simple directions will help you succeed in getting an ad campaign in front of specific clients who will be interested in your products and services.

Boost Your SEO With Effective Video Content

This video  provides significant pointers to create SEO worthy videos. Essential tips like Google search algorithm updates and social media chatter are emphasized so that you can properly execute the creation of an effective video for your business.

Tips And Tricks You Need To Know To Improve Customer Engagement

This video provides  tips and tricks to reach more customers and increase brand recognition. Specific detailed steps are given that are easy to follow yet are effective in improving any business’s marketing strategy.

How Social Bookmarking Can Help Promote Your Website

Social Bookmarking is essentially LIKING a page and saving it for future use or for sharing to others. The more likes or votes a page has, the higher its Google rank.